Mens Face Elixir

100% Natural. 

A powerhouse of nourishing facial oils including: Organic Golden Jojoba, Organic Argan and Organic Rosehip oils to hydrate and restore your skin. 

SCENT:   Light Wood / Light Citrus. 

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+ Golden Jojoba oil: A superior moisturizer. Since jojoba is very similar to the skins own naturally occurring oils it absorbs very well and does a great job of thoroughly hydrating skin. Also, does not clog pores and helps skin to plump up due to its excellent moisturizing capabilities. 

+ Organic Argan Oil: Restorative. High in essential fatty acids. Contains Antioxidants (restorative) and saponins (skin softening). High in omega 6 and vitamin E. Protects skin from the elements. 

+ Organic Rosehip Oil: Nourishing. High in Antioxidants. Very high in vitamin C. Contains essential fatty acids along with vitamin E,  and B-carotene (a form of vitamin A which penetrates deeply into your skin to restore and revitalize from within). 

+ Carrot Seed Oil: Rejuvenating. Antioxidant. Rich in vitamins E, C and A. 

To Use: After cleansing massage 3-5 drops into face in gentle upward circles, concentrating on dry areas and under eyes. Use in place of moisturizer for most skin types. Very dry skin types may follow with cream moisturizer. Will last a long time if used as directed. 

Individuals with sensitive skin please test on a small area first to make sure the serum is compatible with your skin. If itchiness or redness occur please discontinue use. 

Packaged in 1 oz glass bottle with dropper for easy use. Complete instructions and ingredients included on bottle.