TOKAI | Aloe Mist


TOKAI | Aloe Mist


Refreshing aloe mist hydrates and soothes skin after exposure to the sun and elements. Aloe adds light moisture and softness to dull skin, while bright south african lavender calms and heals. 

100 percent natural + vegan. Hand-blended in the USA.

4 oz glass mist bottle

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- south african lavender essential oil - a fresh, sweet version of lavender that naturally aids in soothing irritated and sunburned skin + known to help fade scars.

- aloe - adds light moisture, soothes traumatized skin after exposure to sun and the elements.

- free of parabens, dyes & sulfates. alcohol-free.


Directions: mist face and body after sun, cleansing or anytime your skin needs refreshing hydration.

**As with all products containing essential oils, please consult doctor before using this product if you are pregnant or nursing, before using on children, or if you have allergies. while essential oils are all- natural, they should be used with care.

**While we do our best to keep items on shelves, some of Soul Sunday's products are handmade to order each week, so we ask customers to allow up to 1 week for shipments to go out.